Because Wielgus is a true model shop, as opposed to simply a service bureau, we have the experience and talent to produce three-dimensional models from two-dimensional files and even hand-drawn sketches.

Wielgus in-house equipment:
Fadal machining centers Haas high-speed machining centers Beam laser cutter 4'X4' Eden Object 3D printer

Like any good model shop, Wielgus utilizes the latest surfaces and solids software to drive our high-speed CNC systems. However, with multiple programmers and over half-a -dozen machining centers, Wielgus is specifically designed to excel at meeting rigid production timetables while meeting exacting specifications with precision detail down to .003/inch.

We accept data in Pro E, Surfaced iges, STL files, AutoCAD, FASTcad, Surfcam, 2 dimensional files and, yes, even sketches on a cocktail napkin if that's where you've crafted your latest concept.