Wielgus began casting early elastomers in epoxy molds way back in the 1960's, long before others were attempting it. In 1970, we were the first to cast urethane into a silicone mold.

Wielgus' new molding department is specially equipped to utilize the latest technology, such as combination pressure/vacuum mold filling equipment, large and small pressure tanks, ovens for heat curing parts (both inside and outside of molds) and a chain hoist monorail system for handling oversized, heavy molds. We've also developed rigid core boxes to maintain dimensional stability of plus or minus .005/inch.

So whether you need very large or very small parts in rigid or flexible material, color-in or water clear, inserts molded in or installed, two shot overmolded parts or soft parts out of an acrylic tool Wielgus has the equipment and the expertise to do the job on time and on budget.